Outer Ring MMO — 6 Million Raised — DreamBoat Became New Investor

Outer Ring MMO has achieved a record-breaking 4th investment round as they raised 1.6 million USD in the Dex initial offering. Outer Ring MMO is a Sci-fi play-to-earn game that has been in development since 2018. Moreover, the company is also planning to launch its another gameplay, Alpha Game, in June 2022. Also, DreamBoat has become the new investor of Outer Ring MMO. With this new partnership, the players are expecting to hear great news soon.

Talking about their latest achievement, the high expectations that were surrounding the Outer Ring is what allowed them to raise around 6 million USD in token allocation and 6 million dollars in equity. They have achieved such a huge milestone after running 3 years of in-house investment under NexxyoLabs, which is their core business.

Besides, approximately 400.000.000 GQ (Galactic Quadrants), which are Outer Ring’s governance tokens, were reported to be released in the market for 0.004 USDT along with a 10-month linear vest. Outer Ring MMO performed their IDO by closing partnerships with around 11 launchpads, which are — Safelaunch, Gamespad, Brandpad, Kommunitas, DaoStarter, InfinityPad, Seedify, Bscpad, Gamezone, and Metavpad.

Outer Ring MMO — a Science-Fiction Game That You Don’t Want to Miss

Outer Ring MMO is one of the most popular science and fiction-based games that allows players to experience social and immersive gameplay. The ecosystem of the game is controlled by GQs, also known as Galactic Quadrants, and Exo Credits. After the success of the token launch, Outer Ring MMO is focusing on another amazing feature — “allowing players to enter into the battles fully armed”. In addition to this, more new features will be updated in the game, months before the launch of the Alpha game.

With the increasing growth in the gaming industry, these features are going to increase Outer Ring’s potential players. With more players getting started with Outer Ring, the game is expected to push the growth of the gaming sector.



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