In this month, Dreamboat team has worked very hard in developing the community, collaborating and supporting start-up companies in the blockchain field, holding important AMA events to provide insights about projects, and opening pools to the community. Also in this month, we have established a strategic partnership with one of the best Launchpad and incubator from Asia, BSCstation.

Before we move forward to the new month, let’s take a few minutes and go through to the most highlight events from last month.


We have collaborated with the best blockchain projects in the world as a Backer/Investor. They are; Monsters Clan, GemGuardian, DotOracle, Defina Finance, Knight War, Green Beli, Bomb Crypto, DareNFT, Planet Sandbox, Moniwar, Acknoledger.

Through this collaboration, Dreamboat and the community could become a strong support team in order to help the growth of the projects and assist in carrying out the marketing plan. We believe we can grow together!

In addition to the above, we also would like to disclose our investment report on this month.


We are so excited about our strategic partnership with BSCStation, a Full-Stack DeFi platform on the Binance Smart Chain.

This partnership is expected to make great contributions to the transformation of the blockchain game industry.

Through this partnership, BSCStation and Dreamboat Capital can cooperate in the following areas:

· Staking partners: Dreamboat Capital and BSCStation will have their partners open farm pools on each other’s platform, thus boosting the exposure of our native tokens

· IDO and incubation: BSCStation and Dreamboat Capital can work together to co-incubate potential p2e and Metaverse start-ups.

· Cross-marketing: both teams can support each other in mutual marketing activities.


The 6 projects that we support have been listed to the public successfully. Here are the details:


We have successfully held an AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with the projects we support, including GemGuardian, Bomb Crypto, Knight War, DotOracle, Bloktopia. They shared insights about their project, business model, the vision they are working towards, and also shared Airdrops to the member that participated.

Our best wishes for a productive month. Send any comments or suggestions to hello@dreamboatcapital.com . To get yourself updated with our daily news, please join us on the telegram group, follow our Twitter and read more on medium and website. This monthly report was brought to you by Putri Gunawan (FE Dev & Designer)




A blockchain venture company that bridging good projects to cryptocurrency enthusiast, have a vision to educate and empower community in Asia.

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Dreamboat Capital

Dreamboat Capital

A blockchain venture company that bridging good projects to cryptocurrency enthusiast, have a vision to educate and empower community in Asia.

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