We’re so excited that finally have a time to held AMA with Mr. Alex Suciu — CEO of #NOMADLAND. He shared important info about their project current developments, competitors, marketing strategies, even spoiled some 2D monster sketches that were never published yet on internet ^^ , and many more!

So, let’s take some times to read our recap AMA with Nomadland below:


I am Alex, CEO of NOMADLAND. I have over 20 years of experience in software development, I have participated in numerous international projects that have allowed me to gain extensive experience in IT. Together with my partner Cristian our Head of development — we have more then 5 years in the Crypto space and we are very enthusiasts to put together our all experience in order to make a great success from our NOMADLAND project

Can you tell us more about NomadLand and what are the problems its trying to solve?

Nomadland is an Action RPG & strategy game built on Unreal Engine, BSC blockchain based. Players are invited to discover the Nomadland Island, buy land, build farms, produce mystic flames, battle epic monsters and carnivore plants, capture and train the captured monsters and carnivore plants, evolve in rank and produce new weapons and armors, fight in Arena against other players.
In-game NFTs are obtained via big monster and carnivore plants fights. The NFTs in Nomadland are not like the typical “collectible card” NFTs so common in crypto today. Instead, they are usable and functional NFTs that can be inserted into the Nomadland Game Framework and become special in-game items: weapons, armors, special moves, and super powers. These NFTs can be bought or sold both in the in-game exchanges (market place) or in 3rd party NFT exchanges outside the game world.
Come dive into the NOMADLAND universe, WIN tokens as you play!

What makes your project different from other competitors?

We come up with an original scenario that allows the player to approach the game by applying his own strategy. You can focus on fighting monsters and carnivore plants or focus more on the farming side — we recommend to do both😊
You can create powerful armies with which to participate in the arena battle against another player. You can play both 100% for free or you can invest in the field and NFTs to gain game advantages. You can use the in-game marketplace to sell your extra production.
In any case, regardless of the strategy applied, you have a chance to win prizes in the NOMAD token, which we invite you to do — Play to win

Can you share the achievements the team has made so far? What are your key milestones in the near future?

We are having good progress in our NOMADLAND project development. Finished already 2 sets of 3D characters monsters and carnivore plants, each of them formed from 10 character.
I am going to send here some 2D monster sketches that were never published yet on internet, hope you are going to enjoy it. Also, main character is already completed in 3d and actually together with some of the monster is already animated.
For the teaser we are using the main character Ranzuhn and some monsters to relieve a game scene. We anticipate to release the teaser in the next days.
As Q1 plan: we are going to advance a lot with the project : market place for NFT’s and land, a lot of posting into our social media channels to give more details from the project development, and by the and of Q1 we are planning to launch the first version of the game.

What strategies does your project employ to position itself, grow, and strengthen its community of players?

We started to run a big marketing campaign on all social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, and so on. Besides this we are running AMA’s where we are trying to respond as many questions as possible coming from our community members.
Also based on our partners/investors we are exposing the project to them communities. More exposure will follow as we get new KOL’s on board as we advance with the project (Youtube will be a next big channel to start promoting the project).

Can you share your current game development?

As already mentioned, we made good progress and we are very confident in our team. Daily progress is coming from our team, bringing the project closer to launching the beta version. Video teaser will be launched in the next days.
This month we have in plan to launch the NFT’s and Land on the selected marketplace. On the end of next month we are looking to get the first beta version of the game.
Let me share with you guys also a possible soundtrack of the future cinematics — we are working on in the studio with some talented people.

What is the specific schedule for token release, game releases, and plan to list on CEX exchanges?

IDO very soon — and yes, we are going to list on CEX, the listing date is TBD! In regards of the game project , first version on the end of Q1 and complete version on the end of Q2

Except use the token in the game, can I stake the token for profit?

Everything for the staking campaign will be announced shortly after launch but until then I can confirm you that it will be a compound staking program and we will do random raffles for rare weapons, the only weapons over rare are the legendary ones that will need to be grinded in game.

In P2E Games, it is very essential that the PlayToEarn function works well fairly, even for small players in game. Can you tell us what are the ways that we can earn in Nomadland? Can small players in game can make profit as well and not only professional gamers?

There will be multiple earning possibilities: Active and Passive
Active : Complete daily missions, participate and win the Arena battles against other players, sell production on internal game marketplace, sell your previous purchased NFT’s or Land on a higher price
Passive : rent your land , stak your NOMAD Tokens
Any player is welcome to dive in the universe of NOMADLAND. The possibility to play for free allows anyone to start playing the game and start earning based on the previous mentioned ways, please see the answer on previous question. Of course investing in NFT’s and land will bring advantages.

How frequently we can get game upgrade or updates new maps, new character etc. Will Nomadland increase their game idea?

We are planning to develop the game more in the future by coming with new chapters which will include new characters, new scenarios and missions to play.
Also based on the feedback from our community we will consider the best ideas and will try to apply them in the future game development. We are planning to have a long term project and yes new things will came up with regularity!

Yeay!! Thank you so much for your time and please feel free to join their social media platform for the upcoming updates..
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