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#AMA RECAP DREAMBOAT : Kyte One 22/11/2021 (EN)

It was a great time to had a conversation with team from Kyte One during AMA, we got to know them more ! Don’t miss the details below!!

Introduction :

Omar is the Head Marketing for Kyte, 10 years experienced and for the longest time working for RedBull Energy Drink. Omar fell in love with crypto in 2020 and initially as investor and now as the core team member, very passionate about startups and love to build them from scratch.

Rachit is one of Kyte cofounder, experienced more than 10 years of software development experience in various technologies including blockchain — as a freelancer, in huge corporates, in startups as well as with his own software development studio. Before Kyte, he founded a marketplace for digital marketing agencies and small businesses

Chandra COO & cofounder of canumeet.com, he’s been working in customer success, marketing, community management & investor relations. He’s the one in our team who’s literally always energized no matter the hour of the day or night He is nocturnal as well as a day dweller

Last but not least we also have Surya (Co Founder) & Aslam who are based out of Hamburg and our tech geniuses. Neha was the founder of an ed-tech startup before she joined us & Muiz was a technical wiz at Surya’s earlier startup. All of them play a very crucial role at Kyte.

First question — Please describe Kyte One ?

At Kyte, we are building a suite of gamified, fun DeFi applications. We currently have 4 applications in the roadmap. Kyte aims to build a growth platform for organizations, a bot engine for developers, a bot battle platform and prediction markets for traders. With Kyte’s growth platform (A great tool to win free airdrops without losing money), organizations can create gamified airdrops and let users do certain tasks (answer questions like “When will Kyte launch?”, share on Twitter, or literally anything) for free giveaways of tokens, coupons, or NFTs!. We are also building a bot engine, a bot battle platform and prediction markets (already available on the avalanche testnet)

Second question — Community is integral to any blockchain start-up. How do you plan to get the community to be involved in your project? Do you have any plans on launching any ambassador program, developing dapps on your platform? How what will be roles of this ambassadors?

So our group of investors are from diversified portfolios and using their community, KOLs and connects they can provide, our community is really going to be strong. With each investor community, we target a specific region and that has proven for us to be one of the great strategies in the community building. Personally, we are reaching out to famous influencers from each region to make a difference. Now, for the engagement part, our token utility list is very large. We are not jump compatible for users who are here for trading but we are going to be a perfect platform for any existing and upcoming projects in the DeFi space. Our growth marketing platform and our developer platform is gonna be very helpful for every user segment. Please do take a look at our roadmap where each release increases users engagement on the Kyte platform.

For the community we are also doing a private sale before the actual IDO for them to take part.

Our whitelisting is based on the active participations on our testnet platform mentioned below.


Third question — Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Indeed, this is a very correct statement. As a matter of fact, we cant stop any of the investors from not dumping. However, we in our discussions, have given them enough reasons on why not to dump their tokens on initial days. Additionally, our investor selection has been very stringent and have only been with investors who are not for pump and dump but someone who has understood the full potential of what our project is gonna bring into the ecosystem.

They are experienced enough and understand the profit our project can bring to them and the community in the long run. We also have a vesting schedule for the investors where not all the tokens unlock at day zero so we can be double sure that our project here is in safe hands.

Now, our modules are catered in a way that we will be releasing something new each quarter and it gets exciting with growing days. Alternatively, we are focussed on project collaborations with other DeFi projects on the ecosystem for which we are getting excellent reasons. The hard work we put in for growth of our project would obviously make our investors give assurances that the project is just booming in the upcoming days. These reasons I believe are good enough for investors to hold the tokens in the long term.

Fourth question — Does Kyte grid Bot accept all of cryptocurrencies? There are different parameters one need to set and monitor when using trading bot which can take a lot of time, so in using your trading bot how easy will it be in setting up parameters? Why should trust the Grid Bot?

In the earlier stages, Kyte will be running Grid Bot Battles where developers will build these bots and they will run on certain pegged currency pairs. The Kyte Grid bots will run on different currencies but the bot battle platform will use only the KTE tokens.

Now, the different parameters being mentioned about here will be handled by the developers who are developing the current grid bots battle.

So, to start with, each developer will need to develop these bots on the KYTE SDK and it will contain each of the things required to build a bot. So, after the bot has been developed, we would be organizing a bot battle competition where these bots will be battle-tested to understand which of the bots will be providing maximum profits. Based on which bots are winning, they will gradually move to our BOT AS A SERVICE PLATFORM where you can view only the bots who have won in battle. So, users can now use their KTE tokens to hire these battle-tested bots for listed prices and these bots will be open source where you can view the codes of bots being hired. With transparency being maintained, we believe it can be trustworthy enough.

Fifth question — Can you List 1–3 Killer features of your PROJECT that makes it ahead of Competitors? What are the Competitive Advantages your platform Has that you Feel most Confident about??

Firstly the Gamified Growth platform where, Organizations can very well run the giveaways for their own community as well. We seriously believe that the Kyte gamified growth platform is viral by design and it’s correct implementation can be a game changer for each of the projects trying to make their mark in the ecosystem

Secondly, our Grid Bot is designed to catch every price movement in the specified range. The bot splits the range into multiple Grid Levels and places a buy or sell Limit Order on every level, which allows one to buy every drop and sell every rise. Thes bots will be developed and battle tested after which winning bots can be hired for a fee on our bot as a service platform.

And finally, our Crypto Prediction System where markets can be created by anyone based on either a cryptocurrency market cap, ranking, or value. After the event on which the market is based has occurred, the outcome of the event is determined by the Oracle so no one can change the outcome.

Sixth question — How will organizations and users benefit from your gamified airdrops module?

So our Kyte Gamified Growth Platform is catered to market the new crypto project to real people but not just in our ecosystem. As you now know Organizations can very well run the giveaways for their own community as well. We seriously believe that our platform with the correct implementation can be game changing for each of the projects trying to make their mark in the ecosystem.

For a fact, we all can agree that current growth management techniques have a lot of loopholes and we are trying to fill in each of these gaps with our gamified growth system. We have been also working towards finding just the right set of investors, KOLs, and launchpad that has the ability to drive in the huge adoption being asked for here.

But all in all we are providing the right tool which can be used in any way the organization wants to use it in.

Twitter questions :


As I saw on website, Kyte One is the perfect decentralized bot marketplace with open source. Will also other developer can see it on GitHub? How about the security? Are there any compensation policies if they are unfortunately misappropriated?

Thanks for your question. Indeed, we standby our statement that Kyte.One is a perfect decentralized bot marketplace that will be open source where all the developers can see the entire codes and logic running behind these bots.

With regards to security, we will be obviously checking in and out the bots before releasing it to the bots as a service platform. With all these resources available for users, they can then decide wether to hire the bots or not.

Also, please note that each of our modules will be entirely audited by the audit firms such as Certik. In addition to this, we have a investor specifically onboarded for auditing the entire codes and they are very trustworthy. We at Kyte.One take security very seriously and would implement any and all measures to make sure the systems are as secure as possible.


And I’m a developer, and I’m interested in contributing to #KyteOne project along sides earning, Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities?

So, for bug bounty, as we are still in development stage, we haven’t launched the bug bounty problem yet. Once the codes for our modules are open sourced, we can revisit this idea and take it live accordingly

For developers, our marketing tool will support third party apps that can be developed & that can create a subscribtion based income

Also, our bot engine would be primarily focused on developers building the grid bots and winning bot battles for


All the goals of your project is absolutely great,But one of the main factors users looking for inthe crypto project is the use cases of the token. So what are the Use cases of your token in your platform?What are your plan to increase the adoption and usability of #Kyteone token?

We have put all our efforts in each of our module to make sure that token utilities are through out.

The first & most basic use case for the token is that users can use KTE tokens to participate in all created markets throughout the platform.

Secondly for our Gamified Growth Marketing Platform AirLyft, In order to participate in certain markets, like Gamified Airdrops, traders have to stake the KTE token on the platform for eligibility. If organizations want to create a gamified airdrop market, they too will need to stake certain KTE tokens for eligibility.

Thirdly, to increase leverage, traders can stake KTE tokens and earn more if they win. Traders are encouraged to stake KTE since it allows them to increase their leverage while keeping their staked tokens absolutely safe.

Fourth, KTE tokens can be staked by users on Kyte liquidity pools on specified DEXs to earn handsome rewards in the form of extra KTE tokens. This encourages liquidity for the KTE token.

Fifth, users can use KTE Tokens to hire the battle tested bots for hiring them. The KTE token is also used as a governance token throughout the platform.

There are many others but In short, the KTE token will be used to further develop the protocol, create strategic partnerships, provide marketing incentives, online competitions, increase social engagement, run promotions like Airdrops & for expansion of the Kyte platform.


Partnership and collaborations are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of your partners with us? Please provide more information on your roadmap. What are the most anticipated plans and events for the next few days and months that we should be aware of?

Totally agreed that partners and collaborations are backbone of every project and we have been very selective about choosing the right set of projects and partners. Firstly, with respect to collaborations, we aim to achieve it via our growth marketing platform AIRLYFT. Our module AirLyft is best suited for all sort of target members such as individuals, KOLs, investors, and organizations. Be it anyone, the Kyte Gamified Growth Platform is catered to market the new crypto project to real people but not just in our ecosystem. Organizations can very well run the giveaways for their own community and connect with others in the organization. We seriously believe that the Kyte gamified growth platform is viral by design and correct implementation can be a game changing for each of the projects trying to make their mark in the ecosystem.

Now, with regards to the partners currently onboarded at Kyte.One, please refer to the link below where you can scroll down and check for Partners section, some of them being obviously Dreamboat Capital ❤️, then we have MXC, OIG, DCI and mayn more! You can scroll down on this page to see the list https://www.kyte.one/


NFTs is hot trending now, do you have a play to have NFTs in your platform? If so, can you tell us the plans of your project in NFTs? Or with NFT what is your future plan? Thanks

100%, we are on our way to launching our own NFT collection which would have a high utility on our platform as well. The NFT will be launched on our own marketplace which can then be leveraged by other organizations as well if they would like to launch utility-based NFTs. Our platform would be different because any NFT on our platform needs to have a utility.

Also. this is one of the examples of our NFT’s we shall be releasing soon

So that’s all for the recap, we are sure you guys are so excited just as we are!! :D



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