#Dreamboat was super glad to be able to host #AMA with Kitsumon represented by the core team (Tobias, James and Si) last Monday ✨ Let’s have a check more details over this recap!

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1st Session : QnA Dreamboat & Kitsumon

Please introduce yourself to the community? What is your background?

Hey, I am James, One of the key founders at Kitsumon. I have an extensive background in Blockchain, specifically engineering and Architect aspects. I built skills over the years also in C#, NodeJS & DLT, which of course come handy with many of the various internal discussions and projects we have going on, as well as of course co-ordinating our efforts operation wise as we drive forward.

Hi everyone, I’m Tobias, Community Manager at Kitsumon. I’ve created, grown, and managed several crypto Telegram groups in the past and have known the core team here for several years. I love interacting with people and making sure each individual voice is heard. At Kitsumon we care about the community and take all feedback seriously. :)

Sure, thank you for having us! First of all, Happy New Year. I am Simon Buckingham, Head of Marketing at Kitsumon, my background is over a multitude of industries, more recently in AI/Iot. I am actually relatively new to the Crypto space, but I developed a passion for Blockchain and the technology, coupled with my love for Gaming — this was like a match made in heaven for me personally. Big things are going to happen in the Kitsumon World in 2022! Thank you everyone for being on this journey with us! 🙏

Then…would you please share the information about Kitsumon project? Where did the idea come from and the main mission of the Kitsumon project?

When we saw the potential of CrpytoKitties and its ability to create a ‘new’ collectible creature that would be ownable by an individual, we were immediately excited. Was this the next Tamagotchi? Almost, but you didn’t need to feed it and it didn’t really do anything. The potential was already there — it just needed to be taken to the next level. The idea was to have a pet creature, that was unique, cute yet cool that needed to be looked after and played with. The concept of making them types of cute birds that progress from chicks to adults emerged and an interactive way to feed them came along with it. All it needed was something fun to do with them, back then we though about racing. This idea then grew over the years and evolved, birds changed into foxes, racing changed to DOTA-style battling, and professions expanded out to make it a truly lifelike gaming experience. Kitsumon was born.

Please tell us more about Kitsumon’s game concept as well as the features? And what currency that will be used in the game?

Kitsumon is an online multiplayer social-simulation game about collecting and caring for adorable Kitsu pets. It features a wide variety of professions that will yield items to help in the growth and breeding of Kitsu, as well as several PvP battle modes in a style inspired by DOTA. Many of the items in the game, as well as the Kitsu themselves, are tradeable as NFT assets between players on the game’s exclusive marketplace.

The $KMC token will be utilized for many aspects of the game’s economics, from future Kitsu Egg sales, shop purchases for utility items, NFT asset trading, and more. It is hosted on Polygon’s MATIC network to ensure low transaction fees for a smooth user experience.

Then what makes Kitsumon different from other projects (competitive factor)? 😎

Other games in the industry like Axie and CryptoKitties have seen massive success, but there is an issue of keeping users interested in the game in the long-term that has not currently been met in our eyes. Kitsumon aims to offer a far broader spectrum of activities that users can engage in with their Kitsu NFTs, to ensure that players will have a great time with the game even beyond the NFT and cryptocurrency aspects that it offers. Kitsumon is aiming to attract not just blockchain gamers, but to spearhead this entire industry toward the general gaming market as well. We have the experience and knowledge collectively to bolster the effort and hopefully take Kitsumon to another level beyond our competitors! It is going to be an awesome ride and once again we thank you all for being on it with us!

We are all wondering achievements the team has made so far? And What are your key milestones in the near future?

We have successfully executed the initial TGE sale event through a plethora of key partners that will enable us to grow a great community. We developed and established a vesting system for those that partook in seed/private/public sales rounds.

Other aspects, we have developed and executed the first staking pool system with another one to come soon. One of the other key areas was established the core designs for all 20 GEN-0 Kitsu and are in the process of having them professionally transformed into Unity 3D models that are capable of being interchanged using our 3D DNA system ready for breeding. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THOSE!!

We are also in the process of creating our first gaming zones and world map along with our exciting ‘Reveal’ process used to open blind bag style game products. Our Kitsumon Market place is all but finished and undergoing testing in preparation for the Eggstravaganza event and future Egg trading. We are looking forward to showcasing this as you can imagine!

In addition to all the above, we have recruited several new key staff members (including myself) in the marketing department and engaged the services of marketing professionals. We have made some huge headway towards getting our first CEX listing for KMC token. BIG THINGS STILL TO COME!!!

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2nd Session : Community Questions from Twitter

First question is from Firnas Yusron on @FirnasYusron

I am so interesting in your egg sale event. When will you start it?
Thank you

The egg sale will start on the 17th of January 2022! Check out our Medium article that we released today, it has all the info and more! https://kitsumonworld.medium.com/71195bd5e574

Juan Iker @tuan_iker asked you

Development team is an important part of every project. Could tell us how’s background of Kitsumon’ team and how do they work on this project?

We have several in-house devs, one of which is our founder Jay who could sadly not make it here today. He has many years of experience in the blockchain space and is currently working on our marketplace! The development of our game itself is being handled by a triple-A studio whose name has to remain secret for now 😉

Next question is from imrul Don, with twitter account @imrun96

Just curious about the chosen name for your project. Can we ask why did you name it #kistumon ” ? About the spelling, maybe it should be #Kistumon, so just wondering why spelled it that way? Is there any reason or story behind it and what does this name mean?

The name Kitsumon is a combination of the words Kitsune and Monsters — Kitsune are mythical fox beings from Japanese folklore! We have our CEO, Kane, to thank for this. One thing I have learnt already in my first few weeks here is the incredible passion for Gaming, which I have also, from the rest of the team. This is not just a job for us, it is life, a hobby, a sensation!

A bit of history mixed in as well to make it more special and unique!

This is the 4th question from Sifat @Sifat411322

Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will your project reach non-English local communities. Make it easy for people around the world to use your service. Do you have any plan to develop project in different language?

Yes! We are planning to make our game available in a lot of different languages, so that everyone can participate. We are also planning to expand extensively into the Asian communities after our initial game features become playable. And being from Germany, I’ll be handling the German translations myself :)

So the last question is from Rifki Handi, with twitter account @Rifkinurmans

Hi I planned to join the private sales but missed it and I was about to join the IDO of you and Oxbull, but finished in just a couple of minutes. haha, anyway, I am wondering how will the private round and public round be different?

Hey, @Rifkinurmans, thank you for this great question and point. Our TGE is already done so there are no public/private rounds anymore for buying our token — it’s already live to buy right now on QuickSwap! Here is how you can buy: https://kitsumonworld.medium.com/how-to-buy-stake-kmc-3002f3e405e0
Our Round 2 Staking Pool is also currently active, so make sure you join in on it if you want some allocations for our upcoming sale! https://kitsumonworld.medium.com/71195bd5e574 (this literally went live just before this AMA)

within the Medium you will find more details about the eggs also

We are all on hand in socials to help with any questions you may have on any of this 24/7! WORLDWIDE!

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3rd Session : Live Questions from Community

ID Username: @GoodDay_123

COMMUNITY is very important for evey project. while you build your project. Do you honestly take into account community feedback & demands? please tell me sir…

I’m always online in our main group to interact with the community and listen to any feedback/questions, so yes we take it very seriously. Make sure to stop by in our group too and say hi :)

ID Username: @arifgunwn

Kitsumon is a great game. However, there are also Non-Crypto Gamers and they may also really like Kitsumon . So please tell us about your plans to attract the attention of Non Crypto Gamers. How are you going to attract them?

It’s our goal to expand our reach beyond even the Crypto space itself, and spearhead Kitsumon toward the mainstream gaming market! Our philosophy is to make our game easy to access and participate in, as well as to offer everyone a playstyle they can enjoy and participate in the game with. 💯

ID Username: @cryptoasq

Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other users?

We already support over 15 languages worldwide on our various social platforms and will continue that ideology into the game also of course, thank you for your question

ID Username: @Stevkille

How can Kitsumon be able to prioritize the gaming experience over users? What rewards are offered to users by playing this Kitsumon game? And how easy is it to access the Kitsumon game when many Crypto Users have difficulty accessing the Game because it has high entry barrier & high entry fee?


Hi, our game will offer countless abilities to Earn! You will be able to earn by trading and selling your Kitsu NFTs, by breeding them and selling the offspring, as well as through our various professions like farming and fishing. All professions will yield their own tradeable NFTs that can be bought and sold on our own marketplace :)

This will be available on Google Play and Apple Store (Android and iOS) — with it being MOBA genre, (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) PC version will be coming at some point too!

Kitsumon will be available on PC, Mobile and even in your browser!

ID Username: @tomund12
Which do you think is more important:

A. Community
Or. Investors
C. Token price

If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?

These are all important in their own way for sure. There is no way I can order these because I will upset someone haha! Seriously though, the community is special and awesome like we have seen today, our investors are one of the big reasons we are here today and the token price is valuable for the game mechanism in terms of how it used and interacted with. Sorry I cannot order them, but we want to be clear, EVERY aspect of EVERYTHING connected to Kitsumon is important. That includes our amazing team

Thank you everyone for participating in this exciting AMA!!

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